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Sedrick Murhula, originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is a passionate humanitarian, refugee activist, and inspiring public speaker and motivator. Having experienced the challenges of being a refugee firsthand when he and his family sought refuge in Uganda in 2007, Sedrick, at the age of 17, Co-founded Young African Refugees for Integral Development (YARID), a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting urban refugees in Kampala, Uganda.


Currently residing in the United States, Sedrick remains deeply committed to advocating for refugees and immigrants. In 2017, he and his wife established Your Platform Consulting, which provides support to grassroots initiatives and projects in Africa and beyond.


Sedrick is renowned for his boundless energy and ability to inspire others through his compelling speeches. He regularly addresses audiences at colleges, high schools, churches, and non-profit organizations across the United States and beyond.


He enthusiastically seizes every opportunity to share his life journey and delve into various topics, including global conflicts, the Congo Crisis, the transformative power of grassroots and community organizing, youth empowerment and, advocacy and community mobilization, refugees and immigrants’ issues, cross-cultural transformation, and motivational speeches tailored to specific audiences.


Sedrick's resounding message is always the same: "Regardless of the circumstances you face today, whether they are favorable or challenging, you possess the ability to effect positive change."


This blog serves as a platform for amplifying unheard voices. It provides a space to share stories about refugees and immigrants, disseminate grassroots news about the crisis in Congo, offer personal life experiences, and address other pertinent global issues.


Sedrick firmly believes in the potency of youth as catalysts for change. Through this blog, he strives to create a forum where young individuals without access to social media platforms can express their perspectives and share their stories.


Upcoming Events

June 20, 2015

Every year we celebrate World Refugee Day across the country. This year, I will be in DC with LIRS advocacy teams lobbying, then with Bridge of Hope to celebrate with the community.


No events scheduled.

Book project with Armand Binombe

At St Augustine High School , San Diego

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