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"No human is Illegal"My speech at the rally to end family separation in Austin Texas.

Today is a day that everyone in this city, state and in this great nation in general should be concern about what is happening because this is about family, I repeat family. You know why? Because there is nothing more important in life than having a family together.

As a former refugee from DR Congo, I was separated with my father for a year and that was one of the most traumatizing days of my life and my siblings. As a refugees I have seen children being separated with their parents and parents separated with their children and its never fun at all. This is exactly how these children are suffering emotionally and the worst part is they are detained, really? Treating them like criminals? Just imagine their future with all in their memories.

Today, a great nation like US trying to separate children from their families it’s a shame to the world, it’s inhuman, insane and unbelievable. These children are just innocents, treating them like this is a total abuse of human right and as one people we should not tolerate that because this is not the American value. You don’t imagine the feeling, the pain, the desperation than one can have when separated with a loved one. I have been there, I felt that pain and I have seen many like these kids and parent that are facing the same and it not a funny matter.

I understand that we have laws and regulations but separating parents from their

With representative Dogget, Austin major Steve Alder and Council member.

children is not something that any person should be happy with, no matter what. This is not a hunger game or types of politics game. These are human being like you and I.

I want you to think for a second as a parent; how would you feel if someone takes your child from you, or if you are a child here, how would you feel if they take your parents from you. How would you feel? Well i know exactly how you will feel. So why would you like that to happen to someone else? Are they not like you? Is it because they are Mexicans, Hondurans, Salvadorians , immigrants or people of color?

Let love comes first and forget our politics side. This is about human beings and all human being should be treated equal regardless.

“No human is illegal and we are all visitors on earth”

Thank you!

“No human is illegal and we are all visitors on earth”

Thank you!

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