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A Word of WARNING to the World! The reality about 2018-2019 Congo Presidential Election

This video is a discussion about the current political situation in D.R Congo with thorough analysis with Congolese Author Justin Mudekereza the writer of the book called "A Word of WARNING to the World"

His book suggests a transitional government without Joseph Kabila, out-of-mandate president, is needed in the country to avoid many more millions of deaths, displaced people and refugees. This book is therefore not only a warning but also a call for immediate action because tomorrow may be too late!

About Justin Mudekereza

Prof. Justin B. Mudekereza fled the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006 as a result of torture. He was an icon known for his many efforts for social justice, human rights, and development. Today Prof. Mudekereza is the Executive Director of New Neighbor Relief – NNR in San Diego, California. You can learn more about Prof. Mudekereza here

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