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Nostalgic Reflections: A letter to my friend

A few years ago, I experienced the heart-wrenching loss of my childhood friend, and the pain was indescribable. Our shared memories hold an irreplaceable place in my heart, and the thought of not being able to witness our growth together is truly unimaginable. However, as I delve into the depths of nostalgia and reflect upon the beautiful tapestry of our childhood journey, I have found solace in expressing my sentiments through heartfelt letters. These letters serve as a vessel to transport us back to a time when even the smallest opportunities and limited resources held the power to create extraordinary experiences.

Dear friend,

It has been quite a while since our last correspondence, but my thoughts have been consumed by memories of our childhood and the incredible moments we shared together. These moments have become indelibly etched in my mind, destined to be passed down to future generations as cherished tales. Today, I feel compelled to revisit our musical escapades and recount the experiences that shaped our youth.

“In the depths of nostalgia, we uncover the melodies that resonate with our souls and the stories that shape our identities." – Unknown

As teenagers, we embarked on a journey that defied expectations and showcased our audacious spirit. One memory that instantly springs to mind is our formation of the music group "Angel's Family," where despite our limited knowledge of the English language, we boldly chose an English name. Little did we know that this decision would foreshadow our future lives in English-speaking countries. Our foray into singing and rapping during high school was nothing short of remarkable. "Music has the power to transcend language barriers, uniting souls through rhythm and melody." – Unknown

Our First Performance: Oh, the hilarity of our first high school music performance! Neither of us had ever graced a stage before, and yet destiny thrust us in front of an audience of over 800 people. I recall feeling a rush of shyness, unsure of what to do or think at that moment. But you, my friend, were a revelation. With an air of confidence, you embraced the spotlight, exuding the charisma of a seasoned rapper. We may never know if our popularity stemmed from our exceptional performance or the jests and jeers that followed, but regardless, we triumphed.

Chasing the Hip-Hop Dream: Ah, the saggy pants that adorned our youthful frames, influenced by the iconic American hip-hop fashion. Despite our humble backgrounds, we yearned to emulate the style of American rappers, dreaming of adorning ourselves with extravagant "fake bling bling" chains. It is truly remarkable how, even with limited access to the internet, artists like

50 Cent, Eminem, Tupac, and P-Diddy captivated our hearts. Though we may not have comprehended their lyrics entirely, their music forged an unspoken connection among African brothers. "Music knows no boundaries, transcending cultures and uniting hearts in a universal symphony." – Unknown

Reflecting on how it all began, I recall your passion for playing the guitar and singing Corneille's songs, a French-Rwandan artist who soared to popularity in the '90s. Often, you would craft your own melodies and lyrics, inspiring me to join you in creating our own musical journey. Admittedly, singing and playing the guitar was not my forte, but your unwavering belief in me p

propelled me to try. And so, with a hesitant "yes," I embarked on an adventure I never anticipated – a venture that would forever shape our lives. "Sometimes, it only takes one person to believe in us for our hidden talents to emerge." – Unknown

Challenges and Resilience: Our practice sessions outside your house invited stares from passersby, who regarded us as lost boys squandering our future on a mere musical pursuit. In a society that prioritizes conventional education, anything beyond its realm is often dismissed as a waste of time. Regrettably, countless talents remain untapped, as schools fail to nurture diverse abilities, branding those who excel outside traditional subjects as "stupid." Oh, how different our trajectory may have been if only we had received mentorship and support during those formative years – a sentiment that resonates with many children in places like Congo.

"Education should encompass the cultivation of talents beyond textbooks, unlocking the boundless potential within each individual." – Unknown

The Guiding Influence: Our French teacher, with his exceptional ability to teach rhyme and composition, ignited our creative spirits. After each lesson, we would eagerly return home, crafting beautifully written French songs and melodies. Our repertoire extended to Swahili compositions, each imbued with our unique style and passion.

"A skilled mentor has the power to ignite the spark of creativity and guide it towards its fullest expression." – Unknown

Recording Dreams: As the school's "promo scholar", a popular music competition approached, we yearned to showcase our talent with a professionally recorded CD. It was our chance to epitomize the image of accomplished musicians. However, gathering the necessary funds posed a significant challenge. I devised a cunning plan, telling my mother that the school required additional money for a project. In reality, the funds were meant to contribute to our recording venture.

With the $40 we both collected we recorded 2 songs one of them called “Life ya Noma” meaning “hardship life” and it goes like this:

Life ya noma

Na ishi tu kwa nona

Nangaika, nateseka

Pia n’uzunika na kwaziza

Nashindwa n’iyo life ya shida maskin

Life ya noma mu mtaani

Watu wateseka

Wengine wafariri

Vijana kurepuka

Mabinti sirimuka

Mtaani ya teseka

Apo mimi na shindwa niyo life ya shida maskini

Life ya noma

As we continue to wander down memory lane, I am compelled to revisit a particular chapter of our musical escapades, one fueled by the enchanting style of our French teacher, infused with childhood love stories and the heartfelt letters we penned to the objects

of our affection. Together, we embarked on an endeavor to capture the essence of love in a harmonious love song, aptly titled "Ton Amour" - Your Love. Allow me to transport you back to those tender moments as the lyrics unfold.

Verse 1: Pardonne-moi ma belle,

Dis-moi si tu m'aimes,

Fais la joie dans mon cœur.

"Love is the symphony that dances within our hearts, harmonizing souls in a beautiful serenade." – Unknown

Verse 2: Ton amour me fait comme un fou,

Je crie comme la foudre,

Je te repère dans la foule,

En regardant ta beauté,

J'adore ta bonté,

Car tu fais la bonté de mon cœur.

"Love ignites a spark within us, setting our hearts ablaze with boundless passion and admiration." – Unknown

Verse 3: Car ton cœur est si doux,

Rempli de tendresse,

Accompagné d'élégance,

Tu ne me fais pas défiance,

Et tu évites la nuisance,

Et tu me fais confiance,

Accompagné d'une grande tolérance,

Car tu représentes ma présence dans mon cœur.

"Love envelops us in its gentle embrace, embracing us with trust, understanding, and an unwavering presence." – Unknown

Unbelievable, isn't it? These heartfelt lyrics, now resurfacing after years of hiding in the depths of our memories, carry a timeless charm and evoke emotions we once held dear. Perhaps, the time has come to share these lyrical treasures with the world.

Now, as we reminisce upon these lyrics, I find myself pondering the idea of breathing new life into our songs. While our youthful voices and outdated recording equipment may no longer suffice, we can pass the torch to gifted performers equipped with state-of-the-art technology, allowing these melodies to reach a wider audience.

"In the hands of passionate artists, our songs can transcend time and continue to captivate hearts anew." - Unknown

Brother, we accomplished something extraordinary in our youth, a musical journey hidden from our parents' watchful eyes. As this tale unfolds, I can't help but wonder if our fathers and brothers, when reading these words, will question the secret we've held for all these years. Time will tell, but for now, let us revel in the reminiscence and anticipation of sharing the remaining chapters of our musical odyssey.

"Within the labyrinth of untold stories lies the magic that connects us, woven into the tapestry of our lives." – Unknown

To be continued... Part 2 of our childhood journey, where we will unveil further experiences and the lessons learned along the way.

Stay tuned

Warm regards,

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